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Professional Services

The Aurora North Professional Services team focuses on delivering transformative business solutions through innovative technology. Our tried and true methodology has resulted in 100s of successfully delivered projects, enabling our clients to improve their businesses by introducing smart approaches to best leverage talented resources and leading-edge technology. We view our service lines in three distinct categories:

Business Consulting: ranging from IP Analysis to Conflict Search Best Practices, we help clients run their businesses better

Intapp Implementation Services: we implement a technology-based solution to enable innovative business processes

PracticeLink Implementation Services: we embed our category-leading IP practice management software and optimize configuration for each and every client

Partners: we work with like-minded consultancies and technologies that best complement our business solution delivery

Business Consulting

Our Approach

Collectively we bring decades of experience to our consulting practice, with experts who have hands-on experience in law firms around the world. We bring our experience, expertise, and insights to help you improve your business.

On-site Analysis

Many IP firms are constantly looking for methods to provide better client service, increase efficiency, and reduce risk. Our team of former in-house IP administration experts spend time interviewing key players, analyzing the processes, people, and technologies in-place, and provide an actionable report for moving IP prosecution operations to the next level. A number of firms have utilized these reports to map out a multi-year plan for continuous improvement.

Conflicts Best Practices, including subject-matter conflicts

Our team has worked with Intapp’s Conflict of Interest solution (Open Conflicts), since it was first introduced to the market. We have deep insights regarding features that improve a new business intake operation and features that are best to avoid. Furthermore we have helped IP firms – and IP practices at larger general practice firms – fine-tune the conflicts data to best conduct subject-matter conflicts that pertain to IP litigation.

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Intapp Implementation Services

Our Approach

Our team brings a depth of experience and expertise across the full stack of Intapp products. We implemented many early versions with early adopter clients, and we have been involved in the evolution of feature sets, providing our feedback from the field. With this experience, we have also fine-tuned a project delivery methodology that works best for successful implementation. Our goal is to finish a project with a self-sufficient client. Depending upon client direction, we can structure projects anywhere down the involvement spectrum from providing a full project team, where we provide project management and technical expertise in a complementary relationship with your subject matter experts, to an advisory arrangement, where you essentially deliver the project with direction from our expert team.


Integrate is the foundational technology for integrating systems, Intapp’s and others. We have delivered 100s of Collaborative Integration Design sessions (“CIDs”) over the past 15 years, where the objective is to teach your resources the ways to best leverage the integration technology within your technical environment.


Intapp’s ethical wall and client security solution has played a central role in our solution delivery. Through this application, firms are able to manage access to client and matter information across systems – from time entry to document management to Conflicts. We have extensive experience implementing Walls and integrating with other firm applications to ensure that secured information remains secure from NetDocs to Elite to Open Conflicts.


Accurate and timely time entry is critical to the financial well-being of any law firm. We implement Intapp’s Time product and integrate it with your financial system to ensure streamlined billing and collections.


It’s often difficult to predict how you will use a flexible and powerful workflow application. We train firms how to use the application through our Collaborative Workflow and Integration Design sessions (“CWIDs”). You have the skills to create new workflows when you need them most. We’re available to assist, but our goal is to enable your independence.

Open Conflicts and Intake

New business intake is a high-stakes process that requires essential information collection from lawyers and their assistants, critical information aggregation from financial systems, watch lists, and credit ratings, and flexible workflow to ensure that the right reviewers are accessing information at the right time. Success requires not only mastery of the technology but a deep understanding of best methods to map out the entire intake process from conflicts clearance to matter number assignment. Our team has successfully moved firms from the full spectrum of existing processes - paper-based systems through Metastorm workflows. We have worked with a number of IP firms to streamline the creation of multiple matters for a single patent or trademark to configuring the conflicts of interest system to enable effective subject-matter conflict assessment. We have also developed extensive reports that provide insights into overall intake process efficiency, highlighting consistent delay sources and baselining intake duration. An effective new business intake solution is a well-managed solution.

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PracticeLink Implementation Services

Our Approach

Over the past 15 years, we have been working closely with leading IP firms to optimize their operations through technology. Drawing from that experience, we developed the PracticeLink solution suite that introduces sensible efficiencies throughout the IP prosecution process, from USPTO downloads to smart routing of application information to the right individuals at the right time to robust automated client communications. We know IP, and we challenge ourselves to stay on the cutting edge of the most complex problems emerging from a constantly evolving practice of law. Experience matters, and we provide industry experts who have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities at-hand.

IP Practice Management is more than technology

Effective IP practice management requires standardized processes, sensible and value-added work assignments (i.e. free up patent agent time to focus on patent deliberation), and enabling technology. Without proper process and people protocols, technology won’t necessarily improve the business process. We can provide recommendations on optimizing the people component before implementing any new software.

You set the pace

We have worked with clients where we establish a multi-year program for process and technology introduction. We have worked with clients who want to implement automated PAIR downloading. Every firm has a different appetite and need for change. We advise, and you let us know when you’re ready for the next step.


Understanding the business fundamentals – especially in a cost competitive environment – is essential for effective staffing and client selection. We provide tools to analyze trends in client portfolio allocation to work profitability. Measuring performance and predictability is essential to ensuring healthy practice financials.

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Our Approach

Historically we have been selective with our partnerships, as we tend to work with consulting and technology companies across the legal sector. We have worked with Intapp for 12 years and announced our official partnership with them in 2014, supporting all of their products. This past year, we announced our first official partnership with LegalShift, a consultancy that focuses on management consulting and advisory services. We’re currently working with the LegalShift team on a number of projects, and our clients have been pleased with the results.

2+2 = 5

Although it’s not good math, we’re looking to deliver a sum greater than its parts. We continue to seek out sensible partnerships and will have additional news in the early part of 2018.

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