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WorkPortal Module

As prosecution-related correspondence arrives via email, fax, postal service, or from an IP receiving office, consistent document intake automation ensures uniform profiling standards and efficient capture of documents within the document management system. As aforementioned, customizable document workflows can notify appropriate matter personnel, initiate the docketing process, flow into client portals, or notify the client of newly received correspondence with increased transparency and consistent document handling through automation. Furthermore, a centralized, single source location for client and matter data, documents and dockets facilitates more rapid access to information contained in individual source systems. Efficient business process automation such as docket generation and docket clearing events triggered by document arrival or task assignment completion provides improvements to overall organizational efficiency, and mitigation of risk.

Operating as the core of the PracticeLink® Suite, our WorkPortal module provides not only a customizable but also centralized user interface for all or selected members of your firm to work within. All pertinent information sourced from existing systems, is keyed with appropriate references for search, report and review of information related to one of four main subjects; Client, Matter, Docket or Document.

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WorkPortal UI Feature Summary

Matter View

  • Aggregation of information from disconnected source systems; Financial, Docketing or Document Management Systems
  • Matter Personnel
  • Patent Inventors
  • Trademark Mark Images as well as Goods and Services Information
  • Matter Notes
  • Client Special Instructions Display
  • Customizable Matter Bibliographic Display by Matter Type

Docket Interaction

  • ‘My’ Docket Perspective for Matters assigned to logged in user or team member of logged in user
  • Matter Docket Presentation of Dockets related to Matter
  • Docket Clearing Request generation for timekeepers with ability to associate file attachments
  • List of Docket Clearing Requests for Docketers to take action on
  • Enables tracking and management of docket clearing requests with related notes and histories

Client View

  • General Client information address
  • Matter list for client
  • Dockets related to Matters for Client
  • Client Special Instructions

Document Intake & Capture

  • USPTO Private PAIR outgoing correspondence automated document download
  • TSDR Trademark document download automation
  • Email Box monitoring with email and attachment capture and PDF Conversion for web based screen review
  • eFax Account with fax document capture
  • Scanned Document capture and conversion
  • Directory Monitoring capabilities for capture and conversion of network documents

Document Profiling Center

  • View Documents and execute Client Matter Search and Assignment within a single screen
  • Setup Profiles for Multiple Matters in relation to a Single incoming document and specify at an email attachment or page level where the document elements should be saved
  • Split and Merge functionality for incoming Email Documents
  • Document Classification profiling to identify document types/document naming
  • Document Storage Location in DMS specification

Incoming Document Notification

  • Leveraging Document Profile information generation of notifications to the Matter Personnel of the arrival of new documents
  • Configuration of Rules for determining notification specification based on Client, Matter, Document Class and Document information

Task Generation & Assignment

  • Automated task generation initiated from events or actions within the system related to Matters, Dockets, Documents or configurable criteria
  • Group based Task List assignment
  • Individual Task Assignment
  • Contextualized information presentation related to task assignment which can be presented as data from other integrated systems or document attachments

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WorkPortal Visualization

Time Keeper (Atty) home page shows recently visited matters, recently visited documents and the logged in Timekeeper’s upcoming dockets. #

Matter Details Screen shows matter bibliographic data in a summary on top half bottom half outlines sub tabs with more detailed information. This screenshot shows both completed and recently cleared Matters Dockets, as well as upcoming docket actions. #

Matter Details Summary is a Trifold tab which displays links to the Matter Documents available in the Document Management System. #

Client Search using generic search term. #

Matter Search with generic search team, searched from the header. #

Matter Search Plus with generic search term and refined additional drill down secondary search filter. #

Matters Assigned to logged in timekeeper for quick access. #

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