Get to Know Aurora North

We are the largest, most experienced Intapp services provider, certified to work across their entire platform, serving clients globally. 

We have the biggest team and the largest number of Intapp projects under our belt (800+).

Our seasoned team brings deep familiarity with firm business applications and systems — and the policies, people and processes that must be addressed in order to effectively execute projects and deliver successful outcomes. That’s why our project management approach emphasizes human factors, training, and change management.

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Intapp Cloud Services

Whether your organization looks to migrate existing software to the cloud, or upgrade applications on-premise, Aurora North stands ready to assist. We’ve worked with many firms to navigate product migration and implement upgrades, which often pose significant challenges.

We know the issues, particularly around mapping existing processes, integrations and requirements to the new cloud-based universe. We can help you successfully navigate Intapp product upgrades and cloud migration.

Enhance Your Intapp ROI

Whether you’ve adopted a single point solution, or their complete professional services platform — your firm has made a significant investment in Intapp. It’s critical you get the expected returns from that investment.

For firms looking to accelerate their Intapp success, Aurora Assist is a unique subscription service that provides flexible, on-demand, expert Intapp-certified technical resources, guidance, and active project execution.

Aurora North Intapp Resources