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Taking Your Firm to the Intapp Cloud

Whether your organization is looking to migrate existing software to the cloud, or upgrade applications on-premise, Aurora North stands ready to assist. We’ve worked with many firms to navigate product migration and implement upgrades, which often pose significant challenges.

We know the issues, particularly around mapping existing processes, integrations and requirements to the new cloud-based universe. We can help you successfully navigate Intapp product upgrades and cloud migration.

The Cloud conversion starts with a pre-assessment documenting how to elevate your system to the cloud.  With a clear path in mind, the process then focuses on upgrading the Intapp system to the latest “cloud ready” tools.  After the successful implementation of these tools, the conversion begins – updating all SQL calls to virtual tables, converting integrate processes to be cloud ready, testing and validation.  With this complete, we are now ready to migrate your Intapp environment to the cloud.

Getting Ready For The Cloud – We Can Help

  • Pre-Cloud Assessment
  • Business Process review and recommendations to improve process and leverage updated cloud features
    • Identify areas the current process can be improved
    • Review current implementation to see where latest cloud tools can be leveraged (reporting, data storage, conflicts use)
    • Review of current pain points
  • Included Advanced Conflicts training session for clients who have the conflicts module 

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To learn more about how firms are taking advantage of this unique offering, or to explore how certified, independent, on-demand resources can help your organization accelerate its success and return on your Intapp investments, please get it touch.

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