Intapp, Inspired

Enabling the greatest ROI from your Intapp investments

The Aurora North Intapp Professional Services Practice is Now Part of Wilson Allen

Our Intapp Investment

Over the past fifteen years, Aurora North has made an unmatched investment in developing unique Intapp expertise and unrivaled track record of success. We apply that knowledge, experience and best practices to service clients globally.

Our seasoned team focuses only on law firms. We bring deep familiarity with firm business applications and systems — and the policies, people and processes that must be addressed in order to effectively execute projects and deliver successful outcomes. That’s why our project management approach emphasizes human factors, training and change management.

We have close relationships with Intapp and are certified to work across their entire product portfolio. As they grow, we continue to invest in growing our skills and experience across their evolving platform.

Cloud Migrations

and Product Upgrades

Intapp continues to invest heavily in delivering cloud-based solutions and encouraging clients to adopt hosted delivery options via its Amazon Web Services (AWS) Secure Cloud infrastructure. 

Whether your organization looks to migrate existing software to the cloud, or upgrade applications on-premises, Aurora North stands ready to assist. We’ve worked with many firms to navigate product migration and implement upgrades, which often pose significant challenges.

We know the issues, particularly around mapping existing processes, integrations and requirements to the new cloud-based universe. We can help you successfully navigate Intapp product upgrades and cloud migration.

OnePlace Risk & Compliance

(Intapp Intake, Conflicts, Terms)

Today client evaluation and on-boarding is critical to firm success. And Intapp’s suite of business acceptance solutions is core to its strategy of centralizing client lifecycle management.

Aurora North was the first service partner implementing Intapp business inception software. The product has gone by many names over the years, and grown in scope and functionality. And our seasoned team has grown its experience with it. We know the product’s strengths and how to adapt it to a variety of law firm environments.

That may involve mapping and implementing complex client evaluation, conflict clearance and terms/OCG review workflows in the most efficient ways. It may involve integrating a variety of financial system, third-party watch list, credit rating or other data into the review process so the right reviewers are presented with the right information clearly when they need it to evaluate potential new business. It may mean implementing new levels of reporting to surface details on process efficiency and KPIs.

Whether you’re moving from paper to software, migration from a legacy BPM platform like Metastorm, or expanding your adoption of the Intapp Business Acceptance suite, we’re ready to assist.

Intapp Integration Service

For firms looking to improve business process efficiency and better connect the data stored across critical software systems, Intapp’s workflow and data integration products set the industry standard. We bring deep expertise that covers not only the Intapp solution stack but also the diverse third-party applications and internal business processes law firms commonly look to integrate. For teams looking to develop their in-house skills, we offer and have delivered over 100 Collaborative Workflow and Integration Design sessions (“CWIDs”). These teach the skills to create law firm-specific and general office workflows. Aurora North is the ideal partner for executing projects in the short term, and for training internal resources to be self-sufficient in the long term.

Intapp Time

Accurate and punctual time entry is critical to the financial well being of any law firm. Intapp continues to invest in extending its broadly-adopted time management software solution. Enhancing the product’s functionality, Intapp has integrated outside counsel guidelines (OCG) compliance rule enforcement and added AI-powered activity-capture capabilities that help automate the creation of pre-populated timesheets for professionals to review. Enhancing delivery and upgrade options, Intapp has added a cloud-based delivery model as an optional adoption path for law firms. This enables greater accessibility, offsets administrative and security responsibilities, and provides for more rapid upgrades and enhancements in the future. Aurora North has broad experience implementing Intapp Time and integrating it with firm financial systems for effective billing and collections.

Intapp Walls

Intapp Walls is the industry standard for ethical screens, information barriers and information security access management control and tracking. Through this application, firms are able to restrict access to client and matter information across systems – including time entry, document management, conflicts and other applications. Equally as important, when properly implemented and managed, Intapp Walls provides logging and reporting capabilities necessary to respond to client audits, RFP requirements, court review and regulatory data privacy requirements. Aurora North has extensive experience implementing Intapp Walls and integrating its security enforcement capabilities with a broad range of standard firm applications including: DMS (iManage, Net Documents, SharePoint), PMS (Elite, Aderant), RMS (LegalKEY, FileTrail, ARM), Time Entry (Intapp, Tikit, Elite, Aderant), Microsoft File Shares, cloud-based information repositories and more.  

Intapp CRM, Pricing & Emerging Solutions

Through external acquisition and internal investment, Intapp continues to bring new software products to market, including CRM, Business Development, Experience Management, Pricing and other solutions. 

A number of firms are taking note and adopting these new entries. They’re tackling important industry challenges, serving new internal stakeholders, and further driving the performance and profit at their organization.

These new solutions promise significant opportunity, but also require close attention to implementation and change management. 

Aurora North is actively investing in addressing those needs, working closely with Intapp to secure certification, provide input into best practices, and execute implementations with several law firms on early-adopter projects.

As your Intapp services partner, we’re bringing our same proven approach, methodology and commitment to client service to this new era — so that the next decade of the Aurora North journey will continue the story we’ve built over the last.