PracticeLink IP Prosecution Suite

Taking your practice to new levels

Your firm protects some of the most valuable ideas on Earth. Isn’t it time you took advantage of technology to make your IP prosecution practice more efficient? Clients today are demanding better and faster service — and expect firms to hold down costs. Meanwhile, the risk landscape is becoming more complex. Your practitioners are also demanding better tools to help streamline their work, track deadlines and speed response times.

Aurora North can help. Our IP prosecution software — built specifically for IP practitioners and staff — is helping leading law firms work more efficiently than ever before. Today, Aurora North solutions support over 10,000 IP lawyers, executing 20% of all IP prosecution matters.

Our PracticeLink Suite is game-changing. It provides your lawyers and staff with one place to work — a place they’ll love. By automating, centralizing and integrating key aspects of patent and trademark prosecution, your IP prosecution team can significantly reduce time spent downloading and uploading documents; moving back and forth between different business systems; and chasing team members (and clients) for review, approvals and status.

PracticeLink is composed of four key components which you can adopt according to your firm’s specific business objectives, priorities and resources:


Automate intake of documents and detail sourced from USPTO

Unify IP prosecution management and execution

Advanced workflow, resource, docketing and invoice management

Enable real-time client visibility to key matter activity

The View from the Vista

Aurora North enables organizations to better service clients, execute work, and continuously evolve their IP prosecution practices. The complete PracticeLink suite offers additional capabilities to support firms with broader business initiatives, including:

  • Moving to a paperless (or “paper-light”) world, including an “electronic tri-fold”
  • Adopting sophisticated workflow rules for managing and tracking tasks
  • Integrating client instructions and outside counsel guidelines
  • Enhancing docketing management practices, including integrated “soft docket” deadline management, consolidated deadline alerts, and bulk docket clearing
  • Increasing real-time client visibility through automated communications tools, including email notifications and/or external portal/extranet access