PracticeLink Capture

Automate intake of documents and details sourced from USPTO

With PracticeLink Capture, IP prosecution teams no longer have to assign staff to log into the USPTO website multiple times a day, or vigilantly monitor shared email inboxes for correspondence.  No one spends time manually downloading multiple files, uploading them to their document management system, or sending emails and paper copies to firm and client stakeholders. Instead, this all happens automatically, with zero intervention or overhead.

Three available PracticeLink Capture modules enable firms to automate intake and internal routing of documents and details sourced from USPTO websites, and inbound email from clients and foreign associates:


Downloads and routes statutory patent-related documents from the Private PAIR website


Executes the analogous automation and flow of information from the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval System (TSDR)


Monitors inbound email, executing categorization and routing processes based on applicable context

Replacing the need to manually navigate the USPTO Private PAIR website

In addition to boosting efficiency, PracticeLink Capture also mitigates multiple risks, including errors and omissions tied to manual document processing, and even the USPTO itself. And the system also offers specialized functionality to streamline matter intake for lateral hires.

Streamline Lateral Hires

Getting legacy IP data into your systems quickly

Lateral hires may present a particular challenge for firms when they require a large volume of historical USPTO document downloads before they can start working on matters. Manually downloading data is cumbersome, difficult to track, and can take weeks. This slows the ability of laterals to effectively serve clients and creates risk for the firm. 

PracticeLink Capture automates the download of past documents, so that IP practices can quickly equip lateral hires with the files they need to work on specific client matters.

Firms can also efficiently backfill electronic matter files with documents that may not have been previously saved or profiled in the DMS to create a complete file for future reference.