PracticeLink Collaborate

Advanced management of IP workflow, resourcing, docketing and invoicing

Paper-light Prosecution

For organizations seeking even greater productivity, PracticeLink Collaborate offers advanced capabilities for managing information, work and risk. It enables firms to:

  • Move to a “paper-light” world, including an “electronic tri-fold”
  • Adopt sophisticated workflow rules for managing and tracking tasks
  • Integrate compliance with client instructions / outside counsel guidelines (OCGs)
  • Enhance docketing management practices, including integrated “soft docket” deadline management, consolidated deadline alerts, and bulk docket clearing

PracticeLink workflow engine

Feature Focus:


Soft Docket
Soft docket capabilities enable firms to better respond to Client Instructions (or Outside
Counsel Guidelines) by incorporating these requirements into the technology and moving away from “sticky note management” or localized knowledge. By building client requirements into the system, firms can avoid errors that can be embarrassing or worse.

Docket & Date Management
Docket Clearing enables practitioners to mark multiple dockets for clearing, simplifying the process, especially for ‘docket’ scenarios where deadlines are client-driven as opposed to statutory. Deadline Tracker (Last Day List) provides an aggregation of all deadlines for tomorrow. Management can use this report to enforce compliance, thereby avoiding unnecessary fines or worse.