Webinar — Aurora North Office Hours: Intapp in Focus #3 (Risk “Spring Cleaning”)

Date: May 20, 2020

Focus on: Risk “Spring Cleaning”

Our third Intapp Office Hours event continues our focus on risk, with the theme “Spring Cleaning.” We’ll be exploring fresh thinking on how to take risk (intake, conflicts, terms and more) software and processes to the next level at your firm.

To do that, we’re pleased to feature guest speakers to add their additional perspective — Mike Lowe (HardingLowe) and Warren Knowles from Intapp (the product manager overseeing Intapp’s risk solutions).

In this session, we’ll explore:

  • New features in Intapp OnePlace for Risk and how to best take advantage of them

  • New business drivers affecting how firms are leveraging technology, and new processes they’re following in response

New stories we’ve been hearing and learning from, as the world adapts to unprecedented challenges to operating firms and delivering client service

We’re also expecting and encouraging Q&A from the community.

Please also free free to submit questions in advance using the form below.

This event has concluded. Recording available here.