Webinar — IP Operations (Focus on: Technology)

Date: January 16, 2020

This webinar series features expert panels focused on enhancing IP prosecution operations.

Our third event focuses on technology. Panelists dig into current technology trends in the IP operations space, how to determine what types of systems can provide new value to your team, and how issues tied to processes and people drive decisions around software tools and solutions.

This event has concluded. To watch the recording please visit our resource library.


Kimberly Giertz
Director of IP Operations,
Neal Gerber Eisenberg

With many years of experience working with law firms and their leadership, Kim strategizes with major stakeholders and cross functional leaders to develop and implement innovative and successful technology and operational solutions that enhance productivity and mitigate risk.

Charles King
Regional Director, Asia Operations,

With a proven track record of leading legal practices through challenging technology and process changes, Charles is always looking for the next big step to advance and promote the business of law. Critical decisions can deliver both efficiency and better client service through the right automation and technologically augmented processes.