Webinar — IP Prosecution: Automating Workflow Execution, Driving Efficiency, Reducing Risk

Date: February 23, 2022

FOCUS ON: IP Prosecution Workflow — Automating Execution, Driving Efficiency, Reducing Risk

In this webinar, we’ll focus on how organization can turn existing IP prosecution process checklists into software-driven, automated execution.

Our expert panel will discuss and demonstrate how firms can use Aurora North PracticeLink to:

  • Move existing process to a digital, automated, tracked and managed environment
  • Define complex communication rules for internal notifications and approvals
  • Track status of execution and activity through dashboards that show the overall progress on matter execution

PracticeLink is changing the face of IP prosecution. Attend this session to learn how.

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More About PracticeLink & Our Webinar Series

Part one of a three-part series, at this event we’ll demonstrate how  PracticeLink’s new workflow capabilities enable firms to translate traditional checklists into streamlined, electronic execution.

Working with a broad selection of clients, we’ve created software purpose-built to address the specific needs of IP lawyers, IP operational staff, and secretaries. With PracticeLink workflow capabilities, law firms can:

  • Define complex communication rules for internal notifications and approvals
  • Layer prudent “double checks” tied to critical docketing deadlines
  • Incorporate sophisticated, integrated client reporting and notification
  • Address diverse OCG requirements

Most importantly, the solution provides significant flexibility, enabling rule adjustment on a per-client and per-matter level — because IP prosecution is rarely “one size fits all.”