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  • Chris Kave

    Chris Kave is the founder and principal of Aurora North Software. With extensive experience in the IT industry, Mr. Kave has consulted with some of the nation's top law firms and government agencies.

  • Sheehan Lake

    Sheehan Lake is responsible for overseeing all internal technology strategy, product development and solution architecture with a keen focus on thought leadership to ensure client success.

  • Jimmy Swift

    Jimmy Swift brings decades of experience in the arts, and leads the company’s human resource initiatives and cultural development.

  • Curtis Russell

    Curtis Russell leads and oversees the continued success of all Intapp implementation projects.

  • Douglas Spencer

    Douglas Spencer leads the teams that develop and support our signature product, PracticeLink.

  • Patrick Goodwin

    Patrick Goodwin is a proven industry expert and innovative facilitator of integrating business process and technology best practices to streamlining IP prosecution and legal operational practices.

  • Brian Lynch

    Brian Lynch leads strategic corporate initiatives, focusing on thought leadership and market development.

  • Brian Aitchison

    Brian Aitchison leads innovative initiatives focused on practice integration of IP procedures, process and technology.